World Wide Cell-Phone Etiquette

Everyone has a cell phone and making calls and answering texts is common sight these days. But did you know your regular habit of making phone calls while having lunch or dinner might be considered as rude in another country? Or better still, in some countries, people avoid receiving phone calls as much as possible. Yes, like take for example, that the Chinese do not bother checking their text messages or voicemail at all. So, even if you have left your Chinese colleague a message, it has made no difference to him, because he never checked it.

These fun and quirky facts have been compiled into an infographic by Lifehacker. These guys really know how to speak about bizarre but useful things. But, it was only after scrolling through the inforgraphic that I realised Egyptians are known to give out their personal numbers to any one they meet on the train and it is normal to exchange pleasantries on the phone for upto 5 minutes, before you even get to the point of the phone call. If you would like to know more quirky stuff about Brazilians, Japanese, Italians and how they use their cell phones.

World Wide Cell-Phone Etiquette

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