The Netflix Effect – How On-Demand Is Changing TV Forever

We have hardly realised but our dependence on the television and slowly decreased in the wake of video rendering services such as YouTube, Vimeo etc. We turn to these channels for video entertainment and in case you are hooked to a series, you would prefer to watch it on demand on Netflix, at your convenience, rather than wait for the airing on the TV. The guys at Allure Media, who made this infographic call it The Netflix Effect.

The infographic speaks about how less than 47% content on TV is actually seen live and 3 in 4 households in the US actually subscribe to at least one video on demand service. While the infographic neatly explains why people love Netflix so much and how the service has been doing well in the US, it also tells us how the TV industry is reacting to this change.

Thanks to Netflix, we are likely to see more complex and intricate plots, more seasons rather than just pilots and much more diverse content in the years to come. Thank you NetFlix, you are heralding the Golden Age of Television once again.

The Netflix Effect - How On-Demand Is Changing TV Forever

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