The National Honesty Index

If you were offered a fresh cup of tea and nobody asked for the money, would you still pay? Well, that’s the interesting question that Honest Tea asked people across the United States of America. By setting up shops where the price of tea was clearly displayed but nobody was present to collect the dues, Honest Tea conducted an experiment in 27 cities to see if the people were really honest.

As it turns out, Atlanta turned out to be the most honest city, with everybody paying for their tea, even though they could have gotten it for free. Providence, Rhode Island was least honest, with only 83% people paying up for the teas they sipped. Interestingly, in the first of its kind event, somebody s Washington DC simply stole the entire collection box, bringing the city to disrepute but Honest Tea didn’t really press any charges, because the damage was already done. Are blondes more honest than bald people or red heads more honest than people with black hair are men honest or do women beat them at honesty, find out all this in this infographic from Honest Tea.

The National Honesty Index

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