The Mastercraft Of Japanese Sushi

For those of you who have not already tried it, Sushi is one of the many fascinating aspects that has managed to travel across borders. Taste, food and art all combined into one neatly packed compact bite that manages to wow the sight, tantalise with smell and appease with bite. And like any other cultural experience, sitting by a sushi table also comes with its own set of rules and etiquettes.

For example, it is rude to ask the ‘itamae’, the multi-talented artist-chef, who stands at the sushi bar preparing the dishes or simply put – chef – in western terminology, for the bill; or even poke at you perfectly crafted sushi with you chop sticks – you are supposed to pick it up with your fingers so that you keep the delicate structure intact. So the next time you go to enjoy a sushi, keep in mind you are experiencing art.

The Mastercraft Of Japanese Sushi

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