The Circle Of Life

Death is inevitable, it is an uncomfortable thought, gruesome also; but the truth of the matter is, whoever is born will die one day and that I the truth of nature. As morbid as that sounds, many a times we tend to shove this thought far away in our minds, so that we are not faced with this harsh inevitability. And so we presume the whole world thinks like us, all age groups happy with not speaking about death and losing their loved ones. But the reality is far from it. In a recent survey conducted in Australia, it was seen that 79 per cent of senior citizens were comfortable talking about death and 74 per cent were of the opinion that it was acceptable to talk about it in the open. They were also of the opinion that we as a society should talk about death more often. If you are of the same opinion (and even if you are not) here is a great infographic that offers more food for thought.


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