The 411 On Unwanted Phone Books

Remember the last time you wanted a handyman and looked up help in a Yellow Pages? You really can’t can you? In this age of mobile internet and high speed search engines, we turn to our computer or smartphone for every little thing, when the information might be right in the house, under the pile of dirt. Yes, I am referring to the Yellow Pages that you received earlier this year but has never been touched again. And also the phone book that is updated every year and delivered to your door step, only to find its way into the recycle bin, the next day.

Well, recycling is good and your action is commendable, but why asks for something that you won’t use. The United States cuts over 4.6 million trees every year to make phone books that people have stopped using. Two thirds of these simply end up in a land fill while the rest find uses in recycling. But the collection, disposing and recycling of these phone books costs about $60 million annually, that’s the prize of 100 new fire trucks every year. All this is detailed in this infographic by 99 designs and was something I had to share. If you do not use a phone book or read junk mails, opt out of such communication using Catalog or and save millions for your country.

The 411 On Unwanted Phone Books

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