Technology Through The Years

Wearable gadgets, Internet of Things, Custom printed working car are just a few things that will be part of our daily lives in the future. Who knows what new technology might be unveiled tomorrow and will take the world by a storm and change the way we do things. While guessing what will be part of our future is tough, what we know for sure is that the world in twenty years will not look the same. Twenty years ago, Microsoft had just released Windows 95 and who would have thought then that twenty years later, their Windows 10 would be released and would be aimed at the tablets. Google was just a one man company in one garage and decade ago; Facebook was something college students used as a forum of sorts. You can find out about what else happened in the last two decades through this infographic published by Information Technology. And looking at the pace of development, it is going to take a lot of imaginative guesswork to say where we will be in 2035.

Technology Through The Years


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