Superman Costume Changes

Man of Steel has come and gone but if you are still hooked onto the action from this movie and simply cannot get enough of Superman, here is something to chew on for a while. If you are not really in the Superman comics, this might come as a shock to you, so a little caution is advised. The fact is that Superman’s customes has not been same for all the years that we have known him.

Well, it’s not just the a few patches of red and blue that have moved around, but if you look at Speeding Bullet (1993), you will really find it hard to call Superman from Batman or the Sons of Jungle (2001) where Superman is more like Tarzan or President Superman of 2003 or the Bearded Superman of at Earth’s Ends (1995).

Sounds good on learning over the facts, huh? If you are a big superman fan, then you definitely have to check the infographic below which talks and shares about different superman costumes over the time.

Superman costume changes

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