Self Employment In The UK

Many in the UK have complained of that the sluggish economy, lack of jobs and cuts in spending by the government is taking the UK downward. While the situation is worrying, there are a few positives out of this as well. One major advantage is that since money is running low, there is not much scope for pilferage as well. We can hope that we will not have MP’s claiming extra rents and expenses, because every move will be scrutinized. The problem of illegal immigrants will also tone down a little since UK does not look like a prosperous region like it used to.

But the most beneficial of all, is the rise of self employment. Rather than relying on the government to provide jobs, people have taken matters in their own hands and are now making their own living. This is seen in the rise of self employed professionals in the country, which has been the highest in 40 years, as seen in this infographic from Evolution Money. So, there are more and more people taking up farming, construction and handy man jobs in the UK, in a bid to stay afloat. Interestingly, women seem to be taking this up very well. For more information, see this infographic.

Self-Employment In The UK

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