How To Recover From Burnout And Balance

We all get out of school and college thinking that one day we will reach the top of the ladder and get that swanky apartment and that fast car and go for vacation to exotic places and live in expensive hotels- and we get right to work. But during the course of our work and life and everything around it, we soon realise that working for all that can be exhausting and many a times those things that we thought are worth it, are just not.

Today depression has become a common feature amongst professionals who are often faced with burning out, or exhaustion. This info graphic does a great job highlighting the statistics and the symptoms of burn out. If you thought you were just being lazy, or making up those things, think again, probably you are suffering from an episode of burn out. The good part is there is a simple solution to it as well and that is to find a balance between work and your personal life.

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