Pollination: A Simple Refresher

A honey bee buzzing around a flower is always a pretty sight. No matter how busy I might be a buzzing bee always manages to grab my attention and reminds me of the little joys in life. All my troubles, all the tensions just disappear when I see this little being working hard to get some nectar for herself and her hive.

If nothing else, I simply admire the bee for her perseverance and the will keep going no matter how hard might be the conditions. But did you also know that along with collect the sweet nectar, the bee is actually doing us a big favour every time. Yes, bees collect pollen from one flower and transfer them to many others during their days work. This infographic from Eden Project simply tells us how pollination works and the role these little bees play.


The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Infographics-Experts.

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