Making Mario

Ask anybody our age about the video game from childhood, they remember the most and the answer will be Mario. The jumping for the stars, the breaking of bricks with his head, pulling down the flag etc. all for the Princess, we saw just once at the beginning of the game. Mario was truly in love and so were we too. School days or weekends, summer or winter, we just could not put down the remote to Mario. But, how much do we know about his origin?

Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of this beloved figure, called him Mr. Video, while the Japanese called him Jumpman (for obvious reasons) before Nintendo of America came up with the Mario name. You must very well aware that Mario has actually evolved over the years and even donned multiple roles, such as that of a carpenter, plumber, match official and many more. If you did know all this, then you must check out this infographic from OnionStatic about Mario.

Making Mario

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