JustiNfo.Graphics – An Introduction

As the name suggests, JustiNfo.Graphics is the place where we feature the best information design and data visualization from across the web. Our goal is simple to bring out one-to-many information graphics in front of our readers.

We don’t believe in publishing every infographic BUT to cover only what is best and real informative. We would much rather focus on “quality” instead of “quantity,” this is why we just aimed to publish an average 20 to 50 new infographics every week.

JustiNfo.Graphics is a project of G2One Network, an Internet Media company based in the heart of New Delhi, INDIA, which offers strategic advertising and marketing services for Fortune 500 companies, small medium enterprises as well as for everyone who belongs to any kind of industry.

Bottom line – we spend numbers of hours searching the web for the most interesting, awesome, amazing infographics, no matter what category it actually belongs to. So, if you want to see one of the best infographics on large collection of subjects, then JustiNfo.Graphics is the place for you.

Infographic Categories On Offer

Arts, Business & Finance, Classics, Computers & Internet, Cooking & Food, Crafts & Hobbies, Health & Fitness, History, Humour, Parenting & Families, Photography, Poetry, Politics, Puzzles & Games, Reference, Science & Maths, Self Help & Advice, Social Sciences, Sports, Tech, Travel & Holiday and Others.

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