Graduation Traditions Around The World

Graduation comes with a bitter sweet feeling; you leave your institution and are heading into the big wide world to make a name of your own. While all of us have, in some way or the other, witnessed a typical American graduation ceremony, others around the world have a very different take on it. For example, in China, girls’ graduating opt out of the unflattering black gown and cap, and choose to wear rented wedding dresses.

The same holds good for grad students in Russia, who wear tailor made black dresses instead of the flowy, baggy black gown.  While these countries just differ in gown pattern, there are others where traditions differ, like in Argentina, fresh graduates are pelted with ketchup, syrup and other sticky food, which is pretty much what happens in Italy as well. Like this, there are many more facts to be known. Here in this amazing infographic, Shutterfly speaks about different graduation traditions around the world.

Graduation Traditions Around The World

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