Fun Facts About Candy Corn

Christmas is approaching but you might still have some candy corn left from Halloween. Don’t fret so much about it, you can use the candy for some desserts that you might make or even cocktails. How do I know? Well, an infographic told me so.

Seriously, this brilliant infographic from the guys at Trillion Creative, a branding agency, told me lots of things about candy corn that I did not know. Say for example, this treat was created somewhere around 1880 and has remained largely unchanged. 135 years.

We are talking candy culture here. Also, that candy is vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free and also does not have eggs and that beeswax gives it the shiny coating. If you still have candy corn in your drawer or in the pantry, this infographic is something you should check out.

Fun Facts About Candy Corn

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