Forecast 2015: An IT Outlook

IT is one of the forerunners in today’s technology driven era, and all have their eyes cast on what 2015 will bring to the forefront, as far as IT is concerned. The collaboration of IT with business has been quite fruitful, to say the least. Whatever business it may be – finance, security, mobile technology, business intelligence, analytics, the cloud, IT has a huge and a prominent role to play in it; which is one of the main reasons, world leaders as well as business tycoons have their eyes cast on what this year may hold for IT. So here is a look at the Computerworld Forecast study conducted to look at how 2015 would turn out to be for IT.

Budget is one of the driving forces of any industry, and IT is no different. From a mere 36% last year you will seean increase in IT budgets to 43% as of 2015. This overall increase in spending is likely to translate into improvement in several areas that may have been on the back burner all this while. This includes security services, cloud computing, storage and wireless mobile technology.

Efforts will be made to improve these areas to boost technological growth as well as its reach in other sectors. While there is a predicted increase in the investment in these sectors, the one sector that is going to see a considerable decrease in investment will be hardware. Predictions are that there will be a whopping 24% decrease in investment on hardware. A huge contributing factor to this may be the increasing concerns of the E-waste that is piling up, and countries not knowing what to do with it.

While these have been areas that IT companies have been dipping their toes in all this while, 2015 will also be the year that opens up and officially backs up concepts like high performance computing (HPC), energy saving- carbon reducing technology as well as the internet of things (IoT).

IT companies are also predicted to revamp business strategies, focusing their efforts on increasing business growth, profitability as well as concentrating on expanding business partnerships. But this also brings about the subject of possible budget constraints, owing to the tough economic situation.

There is also an increasing market trend of not outsourcing work anymore. While 2014 saw a 10% increase in this movement, 2015 is bound to see those figures increase. In addition to that, government policies are putting additional pressure to discourage outsourcing. Although this may not be too stringent now, we may see a trend arising from this in the future.

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