Are We Heading For A Diabetes Apocalypse?

In our attempt to accommodate multiple things in our daily routine, we have conveniently left out exercise and healthy eating habits. We gulp down what we can get our hands on and sleep on the couch watching the telly and the lack of any form of exercise means we have also put on extra weight. The weight is not a problem just because it makes us look fat, but also because it could be the cause of something more sinister, like Diabetes.

According to this infographic released by Online Clinic, over 3 million people in the UK are affected by diabetes, a number that is likely to double in the next 20 years. Not only is diabetes straining you of a healthy life, it is also pressuring the NHS to cough up £ 9 billion pounds every year to treat the patients. All this can be averted and you can return to healthy living, if you give up high energy food and take up light exercise. Just have a glance at the infographic and you will you know what to do.

Are We Heading For A Diabetes Apocalypse

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