15,625 Mix-And-Match Salad Combos

How many types of salads can you make? 10? Probably 20! How many salads do you know of but can’t make because your kitchen is missing an ingredient or two? 30? 40? Let’s round it up to 50. But what if we told you that with simple ingredients in your kitchen can help you make 15,625 different types of salads! It is hard to believe it, isn’t it?

We all love to eat healthy and eating your salads is a good start to stay fit. But eating the same salads can make your lunch boring and that is why Prevention has come up with this infographic that will help you bring variety to your dining table. Just mix and match the ingredients on the infographic and make some classic salads for your guests and some bold ones to satiate your taste buds. Enough talk, its salad time now!!


The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Infographics-Experts.

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