14 Bizarre Ingredients Hidden In Your Food

We are very conscious about what we put into our bodies today. Whether you are following a high protein diet, or a high fibre diet, or a low gluten diet, we are constantly fumbling through the back of a package ticking away a checklist we have mentally conjured. But have we stopped to question the list presented at the back of the box? How sure are you that what is written off as the ‘ingredients’ of say a muffin, is actually all that is required to replicate one at home. Chances are that there is something you are not being told, which is hidden so that you, the consumer, don’t freak out and retrace your footstep back to your kitchen and make your very own muffin. Like this, the infographic below talks about 14 bizarre ingredients hidden in your food.

14 Bizarre Ingredients Hidden In Your Food Labels

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