Which Furry Friend Is Improving Your Health

Everybody knows that cats and dogs are sworn enemies but did you know who are even worse? Its cat owners and dog owners. Although cats and dogs may be able to put their differences aside and get along some day, owners of these pets can never get over putting the other down. Whether it is calling the other pet lazy or snorty and dirty, pet owners fight over silly reasons just to prove that their choice of pets is better. But whether you have a pet cat or a dog, or even you are planning to have one soon, there is one thing for sure. Your lovely pet is helping you stay healthy.

Yes, both, cats as well as dogs have been shown to keep their owners healthy as is also depicted in this infographic. Whether it is helping you keep your neurons awake or allergies at a distance, keeping your heart in prime or just a shoulder to cry on, pets are there for everything that will make you feel better. See this infographic for more details, but one thing is for sure, pets are the best.

Which Furry Friend Is Improving Your Health

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