Virtual Gaming Main Trends For 2018

Virtual reality has had its fair share of hype these past few years. Starting off with early 2014 when the talk about Virtual and Augmented reality reached its heights, only to leave everyone with a less than adequate response in the coming year; 2015 was not the VR year we had hoped for. But 2017 saw a steady shift in VR again – with new hardware and promising work done at the content end, which is why 2018 has been a considerably good year for VR and Augmented reality. And this tread is set to stay and only get bigger, with experts claiming that VR is soon to become main stream. Experts predict that the VR market will touch the 26 billion by the end of 2022. So chances are that you will soon see your best online gaming slot sites on VR as well. So here are the top trends for Virtual Gaming this year.


A lot of us have been patiently waiting to make virtual reality a reality in our living rooms. How many times have we fantasised how the game would just be so much better if it had a VR plug to it? The one thing that was stopping us though was how ridiculous the price on VR was. Today progress on consumer VR is accelerated because of the price cut offs by brands like HTC, Vive, Oculus VR and Sony. Price cut offs really boomed the sales of VR gadgets showing that the market had an appetite for affordable VR. With new range of laptop headset being launched by Pico, Lenovo, Xiaomi the dearth of consumer VR is filling fast.

Indie Games on the rise

With anything new, you are bound to have the big guys of the market come in and flaunt what they have done with VR but ask me, it is the small players, the silent underdogs that come in and do something fantastic with the medium and blow every ones minds.

You can totally expect independent names to either revamp some old gems or come up with something original that will make everyone rethink VR and its use.

Wireless is catching on

Wireless virtual reality headsets are finally become a reality with this year seeing the launch of HTC Vive, which is second after the TPCast’s solution that was already in the market. It is only a matter of time, till the big guns like Samsung, AMD and Qualcomm come out with their own versions of VR wireless. Any which way, the more the players the better it is for us.

360 degree camera

360 degree videos may not be a new thing, but they are definitely going to see a boast this year. With Insta 360 launching their Nano S 360 camera featuring 4K 360 video capturing and 20 MP photography camera and other companies following suit, we will soon have VR cameras available to all. So far 360 degrees videos have been used by Microsoft, NASA, Ford, Honda, IBM in fact the YouTube channel dedicated to 360 degrees Videos has over 3 million subscribers now.

All in all, while VR was off to a bumpy start, it has steadied itself is on a journey that looks promising and path breaking. With so much momentum and so many players developing VR and backing it, it is safe to say, that VR is now main stream.

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