To See The Bird, I’ll Go On A Journey

We have always told you about great infographics on our site. But have you noticed that they are always in English. It’s not that infographics in other languages are not worth mentioning, the problem is the information may not be conveyed effectively.  But, with so many translation apps around, this is about to change and that’s why we thought we will share this wonderful Japanese infographic with you.

The key is to open your translation app and see the infographic through the app. But just to get you started, this infographic is about endangered birds in Japan and where they can be found. As many as one fourth of Japanese birds are endangered and this infographic gives all details about these birds. One look at the infographic and you will definitely want to go around the Land of Rising Sun spotting these lovely birds and the graphic goes ahead to give you tips on how you can prepare for a day of bird spotting on what you need to carry. Let’s thank Tripadvisor for this beautiful infographic and also the translation apps that have made life so much simpler!

To See A Bird, I Will Go Out Or A Journey

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Infographics-Experts.

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