The Layers Of The Earth

What is the best way for a science teacher to tell her students about the Layers of the Earth? Read from a textbook, show a really long documentary, draw the diagram on the board or make a colourful poster for all to see? If you really care about the child, you are going to choose the last option. For all those who chose the other options, you need to take parenting class first.

Rachelignotofsky, a Missouri based artist has come up with this amazing colourful poster that can help you teach your 10 year old the layers of the Earth. From Exosphere to the Inner core, all layers are well defined by colour and also give tiny bits of information of the layers hold. You can even buy this poster on Etsy and get it shipped to your doorstep anywhere in the world and decorate your kids’ room with it. If you are lazy or do not appreciate handmade art but still you would like to use this art, then use it as an infographic. But we recommend that you buy this wonderful colourful poster called the Layers of the Earth.

The Layers Of The Earth

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