The Corporate Marketing Sales Spend Landscape

Sales and marketing is the area of administration that needs constant attention. Many marketers believe that slight neglect can directly impact the company’s growth and reduce the company’s riches. To test this adage, a design company Vital sourced data from publicly listed companies to see how much of their revenue they spend on sales and marketing and how much does it return in terms of revenue growth. The data is summarised in this infographic below.

The data found that education companies such as Grand Canyon University spent a modest 11 % of the revenue and saw a 16% growth. Manufacturing companies such as IDEXX and Oracle spent just under 20% of their revenue and saw an 8% and 3% growth respectively. SaaS companies such as Salesforce and Marketo spent whopping 53% and 66% of their revenues and saw 33% and 56% growth respectively, where tech companies such as Microsoft and Google spent 18% and 12% of the revenues to record 12 %and 19% growth respectively.

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