The 21 Best Water-Based Myths Tested On MythBusters

Every time I watch some Hollywood action flick that involves stunts on water, I have my doubts whether they could be carried out in real life. Like the famous speed boat scene in the Bond movie. Can anyone really survive such a landing? Or say drawing air under water from the tyres of the car or escaping from a car that has turned turtle under water. Are these things really possible? All these questions led me to this wonderful infographic from that lists water based myths and busts or confirms them. Along with answering my questions, the infographic also spoke about whether you could run on water or drive a bike on it and I am sure you will find answers to these questions quite astounding. So, check this infographic and let us know what was new for you.

The 21 Best Water-Based Myths Tested On MythBusters


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