Pasta Facts

Love for pasta comes in all shapes and sizes and so does pasta shapes. Did you know there were more than 600 different pasta shapes out there. This must be a real shocker if you claim to be an avid pasta lover, but for Italians they could care less about the different number of shapes, its all about the noodle and the sauce after all, and not so much the shape.

But there are two schools of thought on that as well, while some people argue that it is the pasta that is the hero of the dish, many swear by the sauce. Where ever your preferences lie, you cannot claim to be a pasta lover, if you have not tasted freshly cooked pasta. Unlike its more shelf friendly cousin, freshly made pasta has a delicacy that needs to be experienced. I can go on and on about pasta, but if you want to know more, here is a great infographic that can put it better.

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