How To Negotiate A Salary Raise With Your Promotion

There is a point in every ones ‘working life’ when you ask yourself that question, am I being paid my dues. Often times than not, your concern is appropriate, and its times like these when it is paramount that you voice out your concerns to your employer. Now we all know how that conversation goes, but there is a right way to do that as well. Let face it, talking about money, salaries and increments is a sensitive subject; and as much as you feel that you deserve more, you need to put it out there, not only the fact that you a worth more, but also why are you worth so much.

While communication is key so is doing your homework before bringing up the subject. There are a number of sites out there that can calculate exactly how much you are worth, along with that it is necessary to look up what the market is willing to pay for a skill set like yours. Along with a pay scale upgrade comes a whole set of responsibilities, are you willing to take them on? These are just a few important questions that you need to ask yourself before negotiating a salary raise and a promotion.

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