Marijuana Law – The Past, Present And Future

Opinion on marijuana has seen sharp shifts in the last decade. To your amazement, three US states have now formally legalized it. The medical use of marijuana has been approved by many and it is no more considered a criminal possession in even more states. This will cut back on a large jail population of non-violent offenders in already overpopulated jails.

The public opinion has also shifted very swiftly (58%) in favor legalizing marijuana (a sharp rise of over 25% in 15 years). Legal pundits predict a further rise in trend, legalizing recreational use of the drug. However, the federal government is not likely to soften up the prohibition for another 10 or more years owing to social issues linked with marijuana use.

Till then non violent offenders will continue to languish in jails for smoking a joint since it is illegal. (Infographic Source/Credit)

Marijuana Law - The Past, Present And Future

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