The Low-Down On Music’s Impact On Our Productivity

The Low-Down on Music’s Impact on Our Productivity Main

We do it all the time! When we are brushing, when we are driving, when eating, when drinking but suddenly when we are working, there is a sudden ban on this. But not anymore, a recent study has shown that listening to music actually boosts your productivity at work.

According to the study, listening to music let 88% of participants complete their tests accurately while 81% people were successful in recording their fastest times when listening to music. The study goes on to even tell us which genre of music is good for specific tasks and this is something you can really show your boss so that he/she lets you plug into your iPod even during working hours.

The infographic below via MusicWorks shares and talks about the low-down on music’s impact on our productivity. Hope you like it.

The Low-Down on Music’s Impact on Our Productivity

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