How We’ll Live On Mars?

It was way back in 1969, the year when Apollo 11 made it to the moon and back, fast forward to today, when we are sending unmanned missions to mars. It comes as no surprise and not even a farfetched thought then if we, regular civilians think that our space agencies and institutes have thought way ahead and are thinking of sending manned mission to Mars, not just with the intention of a mere touchdown, but this time with the intention of a longer stay.

Scientists have gathered information like temperature, climatic conditions, atmosphere composition as well as details like ability of growing plants and vegetation in a pressure condition similar to Mars itself. Given the effort that is going into it, the day is not very far off, when we will be sending off astronauts out on a vacation to Mars.  Interesting information isn’t? Explore more with the infographic below.

How We'll Live On Mars

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