How Many Times Should You Try?

When you take a path that few have trolled on before, it can get rough; you don’t have any one to guide you, tell you the dos and don’ts along the way. But that is not the hardest part, the hardest is when you have gotten rejected or you see no other way around your problem and decide to give up on yourself that is the toughest thing to get over.

But even when such a situation arises, it is time to pick up your pieces and get going, and if you need inspiration here is a great infographic to help you along the way. Did you know that Thomas Edison went through 10,000 prototypes before he created the light bulb we know today, or did you know that Sylvester Stallone was rejected 1500 times when he pitched the idea of himself as Rocky? There is a lesson to learn here- when the going gets tough, the tough get going!

How Many Times Should You Try

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