How Advertising Makes Us Buy?

From newspapers to the television, YouTube to even smartphone apps, we are bombarded with adverts everywhere. Even the urinal has not been spared. Not a moment passes when somebody somewhere is not trying to sell you something. But still in so much of noise, we manage to relate to some products, we like some, dislike some and crave for others. What is it in an advert that makes us buy the product?  The team at WebpageFX dug a little bit into this and came up with this wonderful infographic.

To sum it up, advertisers are constantly trying to evoke our emotional responses because we make emotional decisions and not logical ones. They target our insecurities and our constant need to address them. For some its dark skin, for others it’s a bald head, from looking in shape to owning a good car, we are insecure out and out. They also target our instincts of smell; the colours we like and even our instinct to save money and always make a cheaper product that we think is reasonable to buy (recall the iPhone 5C). Also, once you are drawn to the product, the store is also carefully planned to ensure that you spend maximum time in there and come out with a full basket every time. This is how advertising makes us buy.


The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team comprises of Infographics-Experts.

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