How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep Away From Home

This may sound eerily familiar; you go for a conference or check into town for a business meeting, you find yourself a great hotel and a nice comfy bed, but you lay your head on the pillow, and you just cant put yourself to sleep. Lack of sleep means cups of coffee the next day with a complimentary head ache and residual horrible mood. There are times when no matter how tired you are, sleep refuses to be kind to you.

You end up tossing and turning, counting sheep, stars, whatever you can do to get by the night and wake up fresh in the morning. This usually happens when you find yourself in a new place. Turns out it’s a brain thing, when you find yourself in a new environment, the left hemisphere of your brain is on night-watchman duty, which means you are extra alert to noise in the night. Here is a great infographic to help you best prepare for nights you don’t spend at home.


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