Bike Sharing Is Sweeping The Globe

It is no secret, we are polluting the water, land and air, and the environment has been showing signs of it for a while now. With things like carbon footprint, electrical cars, solar energy etc. communities are trying very hard to-do their best to make amends with nature around. But committing to something like that if you are a student or perhaps don’t own a car, or a house can become difficult, which may leave you guilty, if you want to do your little but as well. So here is your chance, renting a bike from your nearest bike renting/ sharing station. Bike sharing has gained a lot of momentum recently and rightly so- they are clean, cheap and really good for your health. The infographic below via PeopleForBikes speaks about the same louder and clear and we truly hope that you will love it the same way as we do it.

Bike Sharing Sweeps The US

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