Ancient Rome: A City Of Firsts

Travel buffs like me just need a small reason to travel. Sometimes, I use business as my reason, sometimes I call my travel for pleasure, at times I say I am on a holiday or when I can find no reason, I simply say its for personal reasons. But no matter what I did, I could not a reason to travel to Rome, whether business or personal. But recently, a office colleague showed me this infographic from History Channel that showcases Rome as an ancient Supercity and I was just taken by surprise.

We all know Rome for the Colosseum and the Chapels and even for the Gladiator fights. But did you know that the Trajan’s market was the first shopping mall that mankind ever made? Yes, this market, with this 4 stories building had 150 shops and offices under one roof, what else would you call this place. Also, 5 story constructions were quite common back then and were the first known Apartments known to humans.

Its not just buildings that Rome excelled at, the public were also well taken care of. Ancient Rome could feed 300000 families a year, if need be and even ran a postal service and a daily newspaper for its people. If you would like to know more, you must go through History Channel’s infographic. For me, I will be travelling to Rome and experience this entire first hand!

Ancient Rome A City Of Firsts

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