A Truly Adorable Guide To Make Ramen

Don’t you think that supermarkets have killed the joy of making ramen with their cup of noodles and the instantly made ramen.  Soon, we will become a generation of adults who have never actually eaten ramen that was made the authentic way. This is why Jing Zhang on Behance decided to take matters in his own hands and tell the world how to make ramen, the real way.

For instance, Jing tells us the real ingredient behind the ramen, the Chuka-men that packet noodles don’t provide. Then, we get to know that cooked noodles need a little helping of sesame oil as well. The flavoursome pork and shiitake mushrooms come in next with the ginger and garlic. The ramen goes to the next level with chicken stock, soy sauce and wine. Check this adorable infographic to know how long to let this simmer and how to perfectly cook the eggs for the ramen.

A Truly Adorable Guide To Making Ramen

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