35 Interesting Facts About Coffee

35 Interesting Facts About Coffee Main

If you are a coffee addict and cannot live without your daily cup-a-joe, then you are in some luck, apart from the caffeine rush that coffee gives you for those lag period in the day, coffee has some neat health benefits as well. From being a relatively historic drink whose discovery was accidental, coffee was at one time a closely guarded secret in the medieval ages, in fact Arab women at one point in time were allowed to petition for a divorce if their husbands dint provide coffee. Apart from having an incredible past, coffee is also scientifically proven to help prevent Alzheimer’s, Heart disease, Gout and type two diabetes.  Banned three times in history, the innocent cup of coffee has come a long way since then. The infographic below via Graphs.net will showcase all such great 35 interesting facts about coffee with you.

35 Interesting Facts About Coffee

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