15 Cleaning Hacks

Home cleaning is a very serious business and keeping it in spic and span shape needs some smart work. We will give you some great tips today to clean your home with baking soda.

Off course not all of us would love cleaning up job since there is a great amount of diversity attached to it from cleaning solid surfaces to stubborn stain removal from your linen.

While you have many mechanical helps available for conventional household cleaning but there are some interesting situations which need smarter solutions and creativity.

My favorite hack is about removing lipstick stains with a hairspray. Just spray the stain with your hairspray and let it stand for 10 minutes and rub the stain with a damp cloth. A machine wash will take out the weakened lipstick stain.

Taking off the grease from glassware with hot oven is another interesting one. Keeping it in hot oven and pouring hot water over it after ten minutes heating melts away all grease.

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15 Cleaning Hacks

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