12 Closet Staples To Get You Through The Work Week

The art and craft of dressing is a skill, or might I say the talent that many a times, eludes a few of us; can get very frustrating if you just don’t know what kind of footwear goes with which colour belt or trousers.  This can get even more confusing if you add a few more variables like the different kinds of work places and perhaps the fit and, of course, the personal preferences and style. If you do manage to boil it down and come to a well thought out outfit, chances are you will have ended up spending all that time, just figured out a maximum of one kind of outfit that you would have an inclination of wearing to your work place. Now imagine going through that whole list again. If this whole ordeal sounds exhausting, there is a simpler way to it, just go through this infographic and make it your life mantra.


The Editorial Team

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